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Reach your potential with CeX

Investment Required from £40,000 + VAT

Three CeX Stores

Michael Dunk
Before embarking on his CeX journey, Michael Dunk ran a retail business and IT college with his father. However, eager to find a new opportunity that would offer him healthy profits and sustained business, Michael joined entertainment franchise CeX.

“I opened my first store in Chatham, not quite knowing what to expect and learned so much in the first year,” he recalls. “This store went above and far greater than I imaged. With Chatham’s successful first year it pushed me to open up my Southend store within the year.”

With Michael’s two stores hitting well above their financial targets, he was then able to open his third CeX store in Basildon.

“This was my biggest store by far, it was double the size of my two other outlets which meant a lot more reliance on my other stores and the franchise team.

“The ongoing support and guidance from CeX has been crucial to my success, as I have grown so has the company and the support it provides.”

While already an experience businessman when he joined the CeX network, Michael has fully appreciated the benefits that being part of a franchise provides.

“The main benefit of owning and running your own business is that it’s so rewarding in so many ways,” he says. “Plus, the big risk is taken away when you partner with a brand and company like CeX. They have done the process hundreds of times so their expertise and guidance is a great factor.

“My next step is to expand further,” he continues. “I have been working with CeX to open my fourth store which is on course for a February launch in Sittingboure – after that, maybe a few more!”

Eight CeX Stores

Kasim Ali
CeX franchise owner Kasim Ali, has opened a staggering eight stores in just nine years and has plans to open a further three stores in 2013.

“CeX has really created a new market – it’s a brilliant concept,” he enthuses. “I was confident that CeX would bring me the success I was looking for because it has a strong brand name and operates using a proven business system of buying, selling and exchanging second-hand technological and entertainment goods.”

Despite recent economic downturns, Kasim is confident that while other retail businesses may suffer, CeX will continue to succeed.

“I have not regretted my decision to become my own boss and operate a CeX franchise,” he says. “Business in all of my stores is going really well despite the economy – this is because we are positioned to weather any economic climate. Technology is continually changing and people will always want to upgrade their mobile phones, by part-exchanging their old mobile phone for a newer model with us they can save money.”

Kasim’s priority is to continue his success by building up his CeX business. Each week, he divides his time between his stores and his new head office. Spending time on the shop floor means that Kasim is able to ensure his stores are running effectively.

“Running your own business is hard work,” he says. “However, if you enjoy what you do you are prepared to put in the hours and money to ensure it is a success. The majority of my profit is channelled back into the business, so I can continue my expansion plans, however I still put enough money aside for the odd treat so I can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.”

Kasim concludes: “I’ve found that because I enjoy what I do, I put more of myself into it and this has resulted in my ongoing success. If you have enthusiasm for gadgets, games and electronic goods, CeX is the franchise you have been looking for.”