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“The support that CeX provides is second to none”

Business partners, Dan Copsey and Justin Perkins, may have only launched their Harlow CeX franchise at the beginning of October but they are already planning to expand their retail portfolio by opening a second CeX store.

“In the New Year we will start looking at locations for our next store and within a few years we hope to launch more stores in Essex and London,” reveals Dan.

During his seven years as a CeX employee, Dan worked in a variety of departments and roles, where he gained valuable hands-on experience, product knowledge and managerial skills. Confident in his abilities, Dan was eager to progress from CeX employee to franchise owner.

While working together at the CeX store in Watford, Dan and Justin decided to combine their retail experience and invest in their own CeX franchise.

“I wanted to become a CeX franchise owner because you get the security of joining an established brand and, as it’s an up and coming business, it will thrive in good or bad economic times,” explains Dan.

CeX provides franchise owners with access to its tried and tested business model and a comprehensive training and support package, which includes a 12-week intensive training course and ongoing support from head office.

“As Justin and I were previously CeX store Managers, we didn’t have too much to learn when becoming franchise owners but we received extra training about accounts and Human Resources. The support that CeX provides is second to none – any problems we have they come and deal with it straight away,” says Dan.

“The support team is always there if you need them but the great thing about owning a CeX franchise is that it feels like an independent company. Apart from a monthly meeting with your CeX Franchise Manager, you are left alone to run your business. CeX trusts its franchise owners to do a good job.”

With excellent product and industry knowledge, Dan feels confident that his CeX store will easily hit financial targets and meet customer demand. The pair have such confidence in the CeX brand that they see local competition as a useful sales tool.

“We are opposite a gaming store which is a great location for catching customers. Some may see this as a disadvantage but instead of going to the gaming store over the road and paying high prices, people come to us and pick up a quality new or second-hand product for a cheaper price.

“We are on track to hit our first month’s target and once the store becomes more established in the local area and we start our advertising campaign, we will easily exceed our targets.”

With a successful store launch and exciting business developments to look forward to, Dan hasn’t looked back since becoming a CeX franchise owner. He is already enjoying the benefits that come from being self-employed and says he would recommend the CeX franchise to any budding entrepreneurs.

“You don’t have to be a retail expert to be able to run a CeX franchise, you just need to have a passion for gaming, gadgets and the CeX brand.”

Reported by Tiffany Brooking