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Guaranteed turnover and growth

In her first year of trading Dublcheck franchise owner Julie Berry easily achieved her initial £12,000 turnover target and secured a solid customer base with the help of the Dublcheck franchise team. Today her Dublcheck business turns over an impressive £55,000 per annum (pa) a year and has successfully secured 25 cleaning contracts as well as retaining all of her original customers.

“I’m one of the smaller franchise owners. There is a lot more work out there but I don’t want to take on too much as I am enjoying balancing my Dublcheck franchise and my family life,” says Julie.

“It’s hard to take a decision to give up your job and a secure income but Dublcheck is a great team and if I have any queries, they are just a phone call away. Joining Dublcheck was one of the best decisions I have every made.”

Even throughout the recent economic downturn, Julie’s business has continued to thrive (see chart).

Guaranteed turnover £14,000 to £500,000 pa

Whatever your background, investing in a Dublcheck franchise can make you a success. Dublcheck has seen an increase in turnover in excess of 10 per cent in this so-called doom and gloom climate. Why? Because everywhere you look, buildings still need cleaning. The Dublcheck system puts its new franchise owners on the road to success by actually getting the business for them.

Dublcheck obtains all the business for its new franchise owners, so they know exactly what turnover they will achieve. Depending on each franchise owner’s available commitment, they can start with the minimum turnover of £14,000 per annum if they want to run a hands-on business and start small, while retaining the security of their current position, or can purchase up to £500,000 per annum if they want to run a management business.

Dublcheck is the franchise where you don’t need to be able to sell. Commercial cleaning is one of the best industries to join as a franchise owner because it’s a market that is more robust and recession resistant than most others, due to the fact the build-up of dirt never stops and every building, office and shop needs regular cleaning.

With benefits including guaranteed turnover, massive market potential, centralised support, varied initial investment costs and 18 years of experience to draw on, Dublcheck offers a highly attractive franchise package. Central to Dublcheck’s success is its dedication to ensuring franchise owners have all the tools and knowledge they need to reproduce the values of the Dublcheck brand, which has resulted in a 90 per cent client retention rate.

The Dublcheck franchise package includes comprehensive training, covering all aspects of the business, with dedicated ongoing support from the Dublcheck franchise team, and with an experienced mentor to help oversee the establishment of new franchise owners’ businesses within their first year.

Turnover Guarantee

Most people ask:

  • Where will my business come from?
  • How much will I make?
  • How big can I grow?

Dublcheck has all the answers:

  • Guaranteed turnover
  • Guaranteed growth

New franchise owners choose a guaranteed initial turnover and are secure in the knowledge they have the choice of a guaranteed growth option to meet their ambitions when they are ready.

Benefits of Dublcheck are:

  • 18 years’ experience of setting people up in business
  • Low cost entry
  • Invoicing and cash collecting
  • Recession-proof utility business
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Low overheads requirement
  • Feeling part of the team
  • Training and ongoing support from head office
  • A mentor franchise owner to guide and assist
  • Cleaning is the UK’s largest single industry – with the commercial cleaning sector worth over £3 billion

Reported by Tiffany Brooking