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A day in the life of Jolanta Lavrenova

Jolanta, who runs her franchise with her husband Andrejs, doesn’t do black tie dress and drink champagne often. She talks us through her typical 9-5 day:

The first responsibility of my day is to get my daughter to her childminder so I drive her there and then turn my thoughts to the tasks I have to undertake that day.

Typically I may have a new contract to start so I will deliver all the equipment and Dublcheck cleaning materials then train the cleaner by working with them until both the customer and the cleaner is happy.

After finishing cleaning the office I went home to carry out some work from home for the remainder of the day. While there I generally respond to and write emails, file invoices and make lots of phone calls.

A big part of my role is building a relationship with my customers I meet up with them on a regular basis carry out quality checks and offering other services such as selling consumables which has a great profit element in for me.

As my business is constantly growing I need to advertise for cleaners then carry out the interviews and make sure that the person I am taking on has all the qualities required for the role

Sometimes people are just ringing to ask for jobs and sometimes I get phone calls from ex-cleaners of mine who want to come back and work for me.

I will usually call my cleaners during the working day if I am not visiting them in the offices as they work. I do this because I want to be sure sure they are all happy and everything is ok with them. There is a great deal of people-management in my role.

At some point during the day, I will usually spend some time looking for new cleaning contracts approaching offices, retail premises, in fact any building that requires a cleaning service to offer them a free quote for their cleaning. Once I get my foot in the door the customers love the franchise concept as they can see the commitment from me as a business owner were I will deliver a better, more efficient and cost- effective service.

This is the time that I have to go and pick my daughter up from her childminder. The working day ends and I go home to spend family time with my husband and daughter. The next day it starts all over again.

I do have a lot of free time as a Dublcheck franchise owner. It suits me as it means I can spend more time with my husband and daughter.