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Build your business the easy way

Guy & Sarah
Previously business owner & recruiter
Starting turnover: £130,000
"It doesn't matter what the economic climate is, businesses always need cleaners."

Jack: "The beauty of Dublcheck is that it has very low overheads because it can be run from the comfort of your own home. It is nestled in a relatively recession-proof industry."

Peter & Pru
Previously Greengrocers
Starting turnover: £12k
Current Turnover: £77,000"We are very happy with Dublcheck and the the fact that we've been with them since 1995 proves that."

Paul & Barbara: "12 years later we have no regrets about our decision. By having control of our timetable we are able to fit work around family commitments and can spend quality time with our grandchildren."

Previously MD
of Colouroll
Starting turnover:£48k
Current turnover: £400,000

Mike: "Part of my success has been down to the fact I have not felt any effects of the downturn because no matter the economic climate, businesses still need cleaning."

Over 17 Years of Experience Setting People up in the Business
No need to do any selling...we get the business for you!
We Guarantee:

  • Turnover
  • Growth

Full training, support and low investment

Invest from £9,000 to £190,000.
Turnover from £12,000 to half a million per annum.
With over 100 franchise owners nationwide, and many more areas and opportunities available, you too could benefit from the proven Dublcheck system.
Dublcheck's unique franchise system is a proven way to build a successful business in the multi-billion pound commercial cleaning industry.

Carol Stewart-Gill Founder of Dublcheck pictured bottom right