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Families unite in business

'This is a massive market that keeps on growing,' says Founder Carol Stewart-Gill, who has recently introduced her son Duncan to the business. 'Everywhere you look there are small to medium sized commercial premises in need of professional and reliable cleaners.'

Dublcheck is a wholly UK-owned company with more than 100 franchisees and a track record spanning 13 years. The company has built into its package guaranteed turnover levels starting at £12,000 per annum for a hands-on business, up to £500,000 per annum for a management role. Carol states: 'With our experience and track record, we can say that if you put in the effort and follow our system, with Dublcheck the rewards are there for everyone to see.'

Graham Hey and daughter Sara launched their franchise in February 2005 and doubled its turnover in one year. Graham recalls: 'We were attracted to Dublcheck by the company's transparency, the reliability of the business, the high client retention rate and the fact that they guarantee your turnover. Being in the service industry, we also felt that it would be fairly recession-proof.'

The Heys started with a turnover of £90,000 with 35 customers. Within a year they had increased turnover to £180,000 with a 37 per cent net profit and secured a further 22 customers. 'We hit the ground running, which was both exciting and challenging,' Graham adds. 'The business we bought was reliable and we've built a very good team who work consistently to high standards - they are a very important part of the business.'

Graham and Sara say the key to Dublcheck's success is the company's attention to detail and to customer service: 'Dublcheck serves a niche market providing cleaning services to smaller premises that the larger commercial cleaning companies neglect, applying a successful formula to bring top quality service.'

Mike and Wendy Masser are aiming to expand their business into a neighbouring territory having recently introduced their son Brett to the business. The business is currently turning over in excess of £200,000 from around 75 contracts. Mike believes that the potential for growth in their territory is phenomenal and with son Brett on board anticipates doubling the turnover by the end of the year.

'Dublcheck came up with contracts very quickly, after which the business has grown through referrals and contracts we've secured ourselves,' Mike explains. 'Dublcheck have been with us from the start, from the training, through getting initial promised business, to building and consolidating a true management franchise. Dublcheck really do look after you.'

Reported by Rachel Spaul