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The UK commercial cleaning sector is worth an estimated £3 billion per annum and is widely recognised to be resistant to economic instability. 'This is a massive market that keeps on growing,' says Dublcheck Founder and Chairman Carol Stewart-Gill. 'Everywhere you look there are small to medium-sized commercial premises in need of professional and reliable cleaners.'

Dublcheck is a UK-owned company with more than 100 franchisees and a track record spanning 15 years. The company has built into its package guaranteed turnover levels starting at £12,000 per annum for a hands-on business, up to £500,000 per annum for a management role. Carol states: 'With our experience and track record, we can say that if you put in the effort and follow our system, with Dublcheck the rewards are there for everyone to see.'

Franchisees appreciate the guaranteed turnover aspect of the Dublcheck franchise package, which in effect enables them to outsource the sales responsibility in the early stages of their business to allow them to concentrate on providing a high quality service.

'The larger your investment the more business you are guaranteed by Dublcheck. We hope to have a turnover in excess of 200,000.'

Dublcheck franchisee Gabor Ivan pictured with Carol Stewart-Gill

'Our decision to buy into the business at an annual turnover level of £62,500 was based on Dublcheck's sound advice,' says Gabor Ivan, who operates his franchise in Cardiff with his partner Hayley Ward. 'The company suggested we invest a small sum to start off with to see if we liked the industry and could cope with the transition from the food sector to the cleaning industry.
Obviously the larger your investment the more business you are guaranteed by Dublcheck. By investing a small amount we have been able to take things at our own pace and once we are ready to take the plunge we know we can invest more money and obtain a higher guaranteed turnover. We hope in two years to have a turnover in excess of £200,000.'

Once trading successfully, the business will continue to roll in through the franchisee's own marketing efforts, strong word-of-mouth and, if required, additional sales on the part of the franchisor. 'The clients have seen a big improvement in the levels of service since I've taken over, which is building my reputation,' reflects Shropshire franchisee Len Donnelly. 'I'm picking up a variety of work, from a small hairdresser's to large factories and office blocks, and I recently picked up a big contract servicing a health centre.

'Also, since I became a Dublcheck franchisee my work/home life balance has improved a great deal. I can spend more time with my wife Sue and see more of my three grandsons.'

Previous cleaning industry experience is not a requirement for prospective Dublcheck franchisees, as Carol explains: 'We're looking for committed, people-to-people individuals from all backgrounds who, because we get the cleaning contracts for them, can deliver a service that's second-to-none, either hands-on or fully managed and supported by the Dublcheck brand. We also have a number of Master Franchise opportunities available throughout Europe and welcome enquiries from overseas.'

Reported by Stuart Anderson

*Guaranteed turnover is not a guarantee of profit