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Dublcheck: 'A franchise that's booming'

Dublcheck is a wholly UK-owned company with a 13-year track record meeting demand from small to medium sized commercial premises in need of professional and reliable cleaners.

Its network of more than 100 franchisees enjoys a number of benefits, including guaranteed income, centralised support, nationally recognised certification, and access to a massive market. With the opening of a brand new head office in Chester, franchisees now also benefit from even better training and support facilities.

Mujeeb Sayed, franchisee, believes Dublcheck's guaranteed income scheme is key. 'The head office sales team takes responsibility for winning your business sales to get you a guaranteed level of income,' he explains. Dublcheck Founder Carol Stewart-Gill insists that these guaranteed turnover levels, starting at an annual turnover of £12,000 per annum up to £120,000 plus, with no upper limit, for a management business provides a smooth introduction into sales. Mujeeb started at the £120,000 level, which Dublcheck achieved in year one. He adds: 'As you learn the business Dublcheck builds up the sales for you at your own pace.'

Graham Hey and daughter Sara list guaranteed turnover among their reasons for becoming franchisees. 'We were attracted by the company's transparency, the reliability of the business, the high client retention rate, and the fact that Dublcheck guarantees your turnover.' The Heys started with a turnover of £90,000 with 35 customers.
Within a year they had increased turnover to £180,000 with a 37 per cent net profit and secured a further 22 customers.

Jayne Healey reinvested in Dublcheck having sold the business on. Luckily for her, the franchisees that took it over agreed to hand it back. With 34 contracts and a turnover of £150,000 she is more determined than ever to grow the business: 'I only have positive things to say about Dublcheck. They've been great to me and I couldn't have done it without them.'

Carol advises: 'Dublcheck franchises are going fast and we are preparing to welcome new candidates from the fantastic response received at the recent National Franchise Exhibition. Make sure you don't miss the opportunity to join a franchise that's booming.'



  • Turnover
  • Growth
  • Full Training
  • Support
  • Low Investment
Be in business for as little as £8,750 or choose a guaranteed turnover of up to £120,000 per annum.

With over 100 franchisees nationwide, and many more areas and opportunities available, you too could benefit from the proven Dublcheck system.

Dublcheck's unique franchise system is a proven way to build a successful business in a multi-billion pound industry.

Written by Rachel Spaul