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Franchisees reinvest in Dublcheck

Jessica Adams, Shrewsbury franchisee, has recently re-joined Dublcheck after leaving in 2004. Her reasons for re-investing reflect the views of many Dublcheck franchisees: 'Dublcheck are brilliant, which is why I've come back. I know Dublcheck will do what they say they will - they help you every step of the way.'

Jessica lists the training, which leads to nationally recognised certification, among the many benefits of being a Dublcheck franchisee: 'The training covers everything you need to know. But it's not like being stuck in a school classroom - it is also great fun.'

Having invested in the basic franchise package, Jessica and daughter Jo are looking forward to growing the business as quickly as possible. Jessica advises: 'This business is hard work, but also highly rewarding. Dublcheck is a good company to be part of and I'd recommend it to others.'

Jayne Healey, Stoke-on-Trent franchisee, also reinvested in Dublcheck having originally sold the business on. She explains: 'I realised after I'd handed the business over that I'd made a big mistake. I thought I wanted a change but it wasn't until I no longer had the business that I realised what I'd had.'

Luckily for Jayne, the franchisees who took over her business agreed to hand it back and she is now firmly back in the driving seat. With 34 contracts and a turnover of £150,000 she is more determined than ever to growthe business. 'I have only positive things to say about Dublcheck,'she continues. 'They've been greatto me and I couldn't have doneit without them - we have a reallygood relationship.'

Peter Davis, Manchester franchisee, was so impressed with Dublcheck that he recommended the company to his brother. He quotes Dublcheck's guaranteed turnover* levels as the most attractive benefit: 'I didn't want to start a business from scratch so the fact that business was there from day one really appealed.'

With 95 per cent of his new work generated through customer recommendations, Peter is currently turning over around £80,000 from over 40 contracts. 'The opportunities are definitely there to grow the business, but once you achieve a level of business you're happy with Dublcheck won't push you to grow the business further,' he says. 'I'm very happy with Dublcheck and the fact that I've been with them since 1995 proves that.'

Interviews by Rachel Spaul