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Want a business you enjoy with guaranteed turnover?

INVESTMENT REQUIRED £9,950 – £190,950 + VAT

After being made redundant from his role as Managing Director of a large textile firm, Graham Hey decided to take control of his future by investing in a Dublcheck franchise.

“I researched a variety of franchise opportunities and Dublcheck just stood out for me,” says Graham. “Being made redundant in my 50s was an unsettling experience and the last thing I wanted to do was take a risk, so I found the level of guaranteed sales that Dublcheck offered very appealing.”

Dublcheck obtains all the business for you, so you know exactly what turnover you get. You can start with the minimum turnover of £14,000 per annum, if you want to run your business hands-on and start small while retaining the security of your current position. Alternatively, you can purchase with a view to achieving a turnover of up to £500,000 per annum if you want to run a management business.

After meeting with company founder Carol Stewart-Gill and the Dublcheck team, Graham’s confidence in the commercial cleaning opportunity was quickly confirmed.

“I found Carol and the team very professional and friendly,” recalls Graham. “Knowing that I would be working with a highly experienced franchisor and following the systems of a proven business model, I felt sure that my Dublcheck business would be a success.”

Established in 1993, Dublcheck has grown into a national network of more than 100 franchise owners and, due to its excellent training programme and ongoing support, can proudly boast 90 per cent client retention rate.

Graham took over an existing Dublcheck franchise based in Leeds with a £48,000 turnover package.“A management franchise was ideal because I wanted to utilise my previous managerial experience and leave the day-to-day running to my staff, enabling me to focus on the bigger picture,” he explains. “Being my own boss also offers me lifestyle freedom and the only office politics I have to worry about are my own!”

Graham’s business quickly took off and he soon hired additional office staff to help manage the 125 contracts he had successfully secured. Before selling his Dublcheck business to two new franchise owners, his team consisted of an Operations Manager, two Supervisors, one Administrator and 55 cleaners.

“I hadn’t planned to sell my business, but when I saw the enthusiasm of the people who wanted to operate a Dublcheck franchise in my area, I knew that they would do a great job developing the business further,” says Graham.

“Since selling my business in June, which I sold for four times my initial investment, I have enjoyed my semi-retirement but have also kept a strong bond with Dublcheck. Due to my experience and the success I achieved with Dublcheck, I continue to mentor and train new franchise owners. I really enjoyed my time as a Dublcheck franchise owner and am more than happy to continue supporting Carol and the team.”

Reported by Tiffany Brooking

Turnover Guarantee

Most people ask:

  • Where will my business come from?
  • How much will I make?
  • How big can I grow?

Dublcheck has all the answers:

  • Guaranteed turnover
  • Guaranteed growth

New franchise owners choose a guaranteed initial turnover and are secure in the knowledge they have the choice of a guaranteed growth option to meet their ambitions when they are ready.

Benefits of Dublcheck are:

  • 18 years’ experience of setting people up in business
  • Low cost entry
  • Invoicing and cash collecting
  • Recession-proof utility business
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Low overheads requirement
  • Feeling part of the team
  • Training and ongoing support from head office
  • A mentor franchise owner to guide and assist
  • Cleaning is the UK’s largest single industry – with the commercial cleaning sector worth over £3 billion