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Dublcheck: 'We do the sales'




  • Turnover

  • Growth

  • Full Training

  • Support

  • Low Investment

With over 100 franchisees nationwide, and many more areas and opportunities available, you too could benefit from the proven Dublcheck system.

Dublcheck's unique franchise system is a proven way to build a successful business in a multi-billion pound industry.

Supported by a centralised division providing a full invoicing and money collection service, ongoing national sales campaigns, a professional sales team, and guaranteed growth schemes, top Dublcheck franchisees can achieve in excess of a million per annum.

'The key to the Dublcheck franchise is that the head office sales team takes responsibility for winning your business sales to get you a guaranteed level of income,' reflects Mujeeb Sayed, who took early retirement from his position as Service Director to concentrate on building his own business. Mujeeb refers to Dublcheck's guaranteed income scheme that starts at an annual turnover of £12,000 per annum up to £120,000 plus for a management business.

Franchisees can grow their businesses at a controlled pace by purchasing additional contracts once they have consolidated their existing client base. Far from limiting the potential of your business, Dublcheck insists that these guaranteed turnover levels gives franchisees a smooth introduction into sales. 'You know exactly what turnover you are buying into and it leaves you free to concentrate on looking after your customers while we do the sales,' explains Founder Carol Stewart-Gill.

'Once you are up and running, with a stable base of customers, Dublcheck will help you to naturally progress into sales. This is usually prompted by referrals from existing customers.'

Mujeeb invested in a guaranteed turnover of £120,000, which Dublcheck achieved in year one. 'As you learn the business Dublcheck builds up the sales for you at your own pace,' he adds. Maintaining the business at £150,000 turnover, Mujeeb and wife Maureen have adopted fully managerial positions and employ a team of cleaners.

Central to Dublcheck's 12-year success story is a dedication to ensuring franchisees have all the tools and knowledge they need to uphold the values of the Dublcheck brand, which has resulted in a 90 per cent client retention rate. For your initial investment you will receive an initial training course, which leads to a nationally recognised certification, ongoing training and support, access to branded uniforms, products, sales and marketing tools, and stationery.

All invoicing and money collection is managed electronically by Dublcheck allowing the franchisee to concentrate on developing lasting client relationships. Mujeeb confirms: Everything is handled by an internet-accessed database, which handles all aspects including invoicing, documentation, debt management, sales history and general communication. This makes managing the business that much easier and allows you to concentrate on dealing with staffing, customers and suppliers.'

Established in 1993, Dublcheck has grown into a national network of over 100 franchisees. Carol asserts: 'With our experience and track record, we can safely say that if you put in the effort and follow our system, with a Dublcheck franchise the rewards are there for everyone to see.'

Reported by Rachel Spaul