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Franchisor support is the secret to Caroline’s success

Summary of Operation

Property investment franchise supported by a world-class team of experts. This is an opportunity for high net worth individuals using proven systems and strategies to build a highly profitable property portfolio that delivers market-beating returns and provides excellent pension provision and financial security.
“There is nothing special about me, so if I can do it, anyone can.”

As a self-made multi-millionaire through property investment, Caroline Marsh had to overcome numerous odds – not particularly academic, female and from a single parent family in Zambia – Caroline believes her success has been the result of self-belief and the support of those around her.Caroline invested in a Platinum Property Partners (PPP) franchise in 2007, when her youngest son was just 18 months old. She began working about 25 hours a week while building her portfolio, spurred on by the support from PPP and her husband, Michael.

“We’re lucky that we both have the flexibility to juggle all the things we need to do, between us we just do it,” she explains.

Today Caroline’s property portfolio is established and managed for her, so now takes up little of her time. However, it wasn’t until she invested in a PPP franchise that the portfolio really took off.

“We had inherited a few properties and our portfolio was giving a poor return, with some properties in negative cash flow,” she says. “When I heard about PPP and the systems they had in place and the high returns they achieved as a result, I knew I needed to speak to them as quickly as possible.

“Walking into estate agents I was easy to disregard and was wide open to being ripped off when negotiating. However, with PPPs’ support and direction, so long as I paid attention I couldn’t go wrong.”Caroline says the training she received lay the foundations for her ensuing success.

“In March 2007, a PPP Mentor came to Swindon to teach me the franchise business model,” she adds.“At the end of the second day, I had sales agreed on two properties that would both give fantastic returns exceeding my expectations. That was the start of my success in business and, thanks to the PPP business model, I was left with a system and support network that enabled me to acquire four more properties by December 2007, something I’d never imagined I’d do.”

More than four years on, Caroline says that being a PPP franchise partner is as vital today as when she first invested in the PPP business opportunity.

“Very early on, I identified that my weaknesses were their strengths – that’s why PPP works so well,” she enthuses. “This world is always changing, drastically, and so it’s crucial to have that on-going support and expertise. Every two months, PPP franchise partners come together for workshops, which offer the best networking club I could imagine. I really feel like I’m operating with the best systems and strategies, thanks to these regular information injections on where the market is, creative financing, working with Passive Investors, Below Market Value deals, Land and Development and so much more. I don’t have to worry about changes in the market, because I know PPP will always be there with the best solutions.”

Discussing the key to her financial success, Caroline explains: “With PPP the business model, the systems, strategies and support are all in place to help you succeed; all I brought to the table was determination and 110 per cent commitment.”

Caroline now owns and runs a successful coaching business, as well as a £1.5 million property portfolio. This includes eight fully functioning Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) properties in the Swindon area, thanks to the PPP franchise business model and the support of the franchise. To find out more about how you can begin investing in your financial future through property, contact Platinum Property Partners today about attending one of its Discovery Days in Bournemouth. PPP Franchise Partners can achieve a £3 million - £5 million property portfolio, as well as a virtually passive income of £50,000-£150,000 in three to five years.

Reported by Fraser McKay