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London’s premier franchise event offers the complete solution for business success

“The structure of the exhibition’s initiatives and seminar programme is based on ‘what you need to know’, so it gives people a real chance to be introduced to the industry. At the end of the day, the franchise industry is all about running a business and that’s about dealing with people, so being able to meet face-to-face is great.
We’ve got more out of today, including a one-hour speaker session, than we have from hours of researching, appointment bookings and looking through company listings on the internet.”

Long-established as the UK’s leading international franchise event and the only London exhibition endorsed by the British Franchise Association (bfa), The British & International Franchise Exhibition features a host of new and leading franchised businesses, valuable conference presentations, leading experts in banking, accounting and law, as well as experienced franchise owners to provide a comprehensive source of ideas, information and contacts all under one roof.

“The British & International Franchise Exhibition is an ideal starting point for anyone interested in becoming part of this successful industry,” explains Adrian Goodsell, Franchise Exhibitions Manager at Venture Marketing Group, organisers of The British & International Franchise Exhibition. “The number and quality of established visitors and exhibitors at recent shows reflects the fact that the franchise industry has weathered the economic storm and is a viable option for people looking for their next career move.”

Visitors can be confident in all the franchise opportunities presented to them at the exhibition as The British & International Franchise Exhibition will only feature franchises that have been bfa-accredited in accordance with its code of ethical franchising. This means all companies at the event have proven to be a viable and reputable enterprise within the industry.

This year the exhibition will feature more than 100 franchising companies covering a vast range of industry sectors from travel and recruitment agencies to food and drink, health and fitness, cleaning companies and automotive repairs. The choice of franchises available at the exhibition is huge, giving visitors the perfect opportunity to find the business that is an ideal match for their lifestyle, interests and skills.

As well as many leading names in franchising, the list of exhibitors includes new companies with exciting proven ideas and concepts from all over the world. Exhibitors will include Agency Express, Canas Y Tapas, Explorer Travel, Snappy Snaps, Platinum Property Partners, Minter's Fine Foods and Cash Generator.

Free conference

Exclusive to The British & International Franchise Exhibition is an extensive free conference programme, which includes seminars by the bfa. During these sessions, a panel of experts will cover all aspects of franchising including how to find funding, who to seek legal advice from and what a franchisor looks for in a franchise owner. In addition, there will be a series of seminars about key franchise-related topics including women in franchising, growing your own business, high level investment franchising; franchise resales, executives in franchising, hands on franchising and couples in franchising.

The inspiring Growing Your Own Business seminars will feature entrepreneurs and specialists who will speak about all aspects of business that an entrepreneur needs to know to be successful, from how to raise finance to marketing.The Lloyds TSB Business Plan Clinic offers visitors the opportunity to learn about how to securing funding. People who understand the benefits of preparing a business plan are much more likely to be successful than those who react to day-to-day issues and stagger from one crisis to another. However, business planning is not a simple matter of scribbling down a few ideas. If franchise owners are going to make their plan work, a much more thorough approach must be adopted. This clinic can advise visitors about preparing a template, which will help construct a strong business plan.

The Franchise Starting Point will be dedicated to helping visitors completely new to the concept of franchising find models to suit them. Franchising experts including the bfa team, specialists from leading banks, accountants, lawyers as well as current franchise owners and franchisors will be on hand to provide visitors with all the help and advice they need as they consider their options and prepare to develop a successful franchise business.

Franchise Owner Panel

The popular and inspiring Franchise Owner Panel returns with even more opportunities to hear from franchise owners about the reality of the transition period from being employee to a self-employed franchise owner. These panel sessions enable visitors to have their questions answered and find out the pros and cons of becoming a franchise owner. These features, together with the conference and bfa seminars, will provide visitors with a comprehensive insight into all the fundamental aspects of franchising and provide them with valuable advice.

Visitors to the event are impressed by what they find. Helen and James Spall from Ascot who visited the exhibition in 2010, summed this up when they said:

The British & International Franchise Exhibition takes place at Olympia, London on Friday 18 March and on Saturday 19 March 2011.