Autosheen launches Road Safety Campaign for local Bedfordshire Customers

Autosheen, the UK's leading national mobile valeting organisation, Provides Bedfordshire business customers with complimentary advanced fleet driver training courses to combat latest road casualty figures

The UK's leading national mobile valeting organisation, Autosheen, is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new Road Safety Campaign for local businesses within the catchment area of Bedfordshire. Local statistics sourced by the Road Victims Trust (RVT) charity, based in Kempston, have revealed that road casualty figures remain disturbingly high - with an alarming 12 fatalities during 2007 already. Latest figures highlight that each year over 3400 die on roads in England and Wales in total and a person is seriously injured every 20 minutes. In Bedfordshire and Luton over 30 people are killed and 250 seriously injured every year.

Autosheen is celebrating the official launch of its expansion into the local area of Bedfordshire - covering Luton and Bedford. This regional expansion should come as welcome news to local businesses and in particular Fleet Drivers, Operation Managers and business co-ordinators that are charged with the responsibility of business travel for their particular organisations. The Autosheen business service encompasses the following:

  • Full fleet management valeting solution
  • Generate a secondary income and create a revenue stream by providing valeting on your behalf - to your client base
  • Cost control and quality management systems (QMS accredited)

Andy Truswell, Autosheen Bedfordshire commented:

'Autosheen is concerned by issues such as driving safety within business operations and has noted the rising number of road traffic collisions within Bedfordshire. In conjunction with launching our business valeting service in the local area, we have decided to support local charity - the Road Victims Trust - a unique service that deals with the aftermath of serious collisions. We aim to offer local businesses the opportunity to take advantage of our complimentary Driver Training Course. Benefits include - incidence frequency can be reduced by up to 30% over 3 years (1,2,3), enhanced driving skills, reduced road traffic collisions and insurance premiums and also fuel costs can also be reduced by up to 5% and many more. (Source - Driving Services -

The Driver Training courses are available on a first come, first served basis to new business customers as a thank you for new custom but more importantly - this is also a joint affirmation of a desire to encourage businesses to drive with responsibility and safety for the local community. (Terms and conditions apply, courses are only available on a first come first served basis )2

Tony Parker, CEO of Road Victims Trust added: 'We are delighted that Autosheen are working to support RVT within Bedfordshire and Luton area by encouraging safer driving with the local business community. We know only too well from our experience that there is a traumatic impact on many people caused by road deaths or serious injury. Sudden, violent death or serious injury caused on the road affects whole families and communities and the pain of bereavement is life-changing and substantial.'

Truswell continued: 'Businesses often have larger fleets of drivers and vehicles on the road so by offering new Autosheen business customers the chance to improve their driving skills - we are significantly increasing the driving skills and general safety on the local roads of Bedfordshire. In addition to this, the Autosheen Bedfordshire & Luton area will be making a 5% donation from the first month's takings, to support the Road Victims Trust. '