Barely half way through the year and cleaning and hygiene product distribution franchise, Chemex, already has four new additions to its franchise owner network. Gareth Samuel investigates exactly why this franchise, built on convenience and consumer demand, is recruiting new investors left, right and centre.

It is an understatement of sorts to say Chemex is off to a great start this year. With four new franchise owners having signed up for the business in as many months, it seems the business really does have chemical attraction.

Currently the business has a network coverage of 70 territories across the UK and the business’ current drive towards network completion is ensuring that it won’t be long before every commercial business in the UK has access to Chemex’s services.

Since 1985, Chemex has been serving a wide range of industries including healthcare, food and hospitality by distributing cost-effective and efficient chemical cleaning and hygiene products through the convenience of liveried van drop-offs. This unique concept has allowed the business to flourish through an abundance of referral marketing and impressive customer retention.

However, the interest the business has received, this year in particular, reflects the strength and scalable simplicity of the franchise model. It began in January this year, when father and son team, Alec and Edward Gooch, wanted a new business relationship and decided Chemex was the franchise they had been looking for.

Following Alec and Edward’s arrival came Chemex Wimbledon, with Chris Allen, who was previously a high-flying Project Manager within the IT industry. He wanted a change of lifestyle and to be his own boss and Chemex provided the answer. Now Chris has the perfect balance between work and play.

In March 2014, Ralph and Kathryn Harrison took the opportunity to set up their own Chemex business in Middlesbrough after a retiring Chemex franchise owner put the business up for sale. With an already established customer base in a built up area, it will undoubtedly not be long before Ralph and Kathryn begin earning the return on their investment Chemex allows. They took the business initially to give them each a lifestyle that would let them spend more time in each other’s company.

Ian Ellison is April’s newest addition to the Chemex team. Stockport based Ian was previously in the mechanical engineering industry and saw the scope of opportunity that a cleaning and hygiene business like Chemex would have within the engineering sector. He, along with the three other new Chemex recruits are all off to a great start in their new roles.

If you are looking for a business that provides freedom, a great return on investment and scalability for those willing to work hard as their own boss, Chemex is in many ways a spotless opportunity.