Mamas & Papas revamps its new season catalogue

Mamas & Papas, a nursery retail franchise, has reinvented and launched its catalogue for Spring Summer 2008 and developed and set-up a new online version. The company has swapped its traditional grey and pale coloured nursery accessories for vibrant colours, such as the popular design colour International Orange.

'I recently finished a brand strategy review to ensure the company has solid foundations in place to become 'the world's favourite nursery brand',' said Claire Harper, Mamas & Papas Marketing Director. 'The new Spring Summer 2008 catalogue really moves the brand forward in terms of perception and choice. Not only does it have a fresh and modern new look it also responds positively to the needs and wants of today's modern customer. This catalogue also signals the start of new exciting product launches as Mamas & Papas continues its strategy of bringing in newness and innovation throughout the season.'

Olivia Robinson, Mamas & Papas Head of Creative, adds: 'Mamas & Papas wanted to inject the wonder of life via colour into the new catalogue because having a baby is such a happy time for mums and dads and this is represented by the joy of spring hues. The change in logo colour is a big step, however because Mamas & Papas is well established with 32 UK stores and five international I believe the revamp will not have a negative effect.'