Papa John’s opens new restaurant in Manchester

Papa John’s opens for business in Manchester after a £200,000 investment move

Gerry Hughes, owner of the new franchise said: “I’m delighted that we have managed to secure premises in the centre of Manchester and already the store is proving a big hit with residents and workers in the city.”

Hughes and his sister, Wenna Spence, opened their first Papa John’s in the Fallowfield store, Manchester, last summer. Hughes said: “At the time we were looking for a new franchise that offered room for growth. We researched the pizza store market thoroughly and Papa John’s stood out with a superior product, store locations and overall franchise opportunity.”

The new outlet on Oxford Street has also created around 20 new employment opportunities in the area. Residents and businesses in the city centre will experience the philosophy that made Papa John’s one of the largest and most famous franchises in the world.