Turn a sideline into a very profitable business

Investing in property is thought of by many these days as one of the safest pension plans available, but it also presents a superb business opportunity which can more than replace the average worker's income, even on a part-time basis, within 18 months or less. Platinum Property Partners profiles its unique and proven formula for achieving cash positive property investment success

Ask most working individuals what pension provision they have and although they may be paying into a traditional company or private pension plan, they'll probably list their home as their key asset. Some may have one or two additional properties and these are more often than not let out as single units, with a rental income which often doesn't cover the outgoings. Again, most people in this situation would say they're not overly worried about covering any shortfall, as they are taking a long term view and focusing on the property's capital appreciation.

If that's your situation, and you're 'perfectly happy with it', ask yourself why. You have an asset in which you probably have a fair amount of capital tied up and which you have to subsidise on an ongoing basis - it's not servicing its own debt or costs - so it's technically a liability. Instead, why not invest your hard-earned cash in a property which you acquire using positive leverage and which will not only service its own debt, but leave you with a significant monthly profit, sufficient that it insulates you well against both interest rate rises and any fluctuation in the property market? Platinum Property Partners is building a network of high net-worth investors across the UK who want to benefit from a unique formula, which maximises capital gain and cash yield. It is based on a very successful and profitable buy-to-let investment strategy pioneered by the founders Steve Bolton and Nick Carlile. One of the unique features of the system is that it generates a regular and reliable source of profit for Franchise Partners (PPP's term for franchisees) in addition to the substantial benefits of leveraged capital growth.

Neil Mansell, a former City Business Development Manager, undertook three days of one-to-one mentoring with Steve Bolton, one of the founding partners of PPP and bought his first investment property in late 2005. Within 13 months, his gross profit from rental income had replaced his salary and he gave up his job in the City to concentrate full-time on property investing. He now has seven highly cash-positive investment properties, earns more than twice as much as he did and employs his own lettings manager.

PPP's strategy is based on a model which works in towns and cities all over the UK and has been tried and tested again and again. Steve Bolton's UK portfolio covers Poole and Bournemouth; Nick Carlile is based in South Yorkshire. Neil is based in Chelmsford, Essex and the company has Franchise Partners currently building portfolios in Cardiff, Brighton, Buckinghamshire, Northampton & London, to name a few.

Caroline Marsh is a franchise partner based in Swindon. She was already a property investor when she heard Steve speak at a conference in Alicante and was immediately intrigued as to how he was making the kind of returns he was talking about, while her properties were barely breaking even. She and her husband arranged a meeting with Steve and as soon as they returned to the UK, Caroline underwent her initial mentoring with PPP. Within a matter of weeks, she had purchases well underway on two buy-to-let investments, with a combined projected cashflow of over £35,000 per annum.

Caroline's husband, an accountant, always supported his wife in her property ventures, but maintained he wanted to carry on with his own business. However, having seen the kind of returns Caroline is making he is now spending a day a week working with his wife on property investing!

Caroline explains why she has chosen to work with PPP on an ongoing basis: 'PPP have got a system in place that works. It's not just something that you see or hear - it's something that they give to you. I'm working with it step-by-step, not changing anything and I'm able to say I will be a millionaire! They've got a great team who are very supportive, very encouraging and in a short period of time they help you understand the things that seem unreal.'

Both founding partners are passionate about inspiring, mentoring and supporting others in working to achieve financial freedom through investing in property. Steve and Nick take three months' holiday a year to travel the world with their families and, thanks to the passive income provided by their portfolios, need never work again. Cash-positive property investing has given them the freedom to choose how they spend their time and they have developed a business model which allows others to put themselves in the same position, in a relatively short period of time.

There is currently no other similar franchise opportunity for property investors that provides ongoing mentoring and support with the backing of a solid business network and the opportunity to grow a personal portfolio under what will quickly become an instantly recognisable, highly respected brand. PPP is seeking high net-worth investors with a minimum of £300,000 in equity, liquid funds or other assets, which they would like to use to develop a property portfolio in association with the company. For the 'hands-off' investor, PPP also has a range of passive investment options where anyone with £50,000 or more to invest can earn 12 per cent per annum.