A Day In The Life of Nathan Holmes

With over one hundred vehicles on the road offering a mobile paint-repair solution to vehicle owners, Revive! are experts in their field. Here, Nathan Holmes, owner of a Revive! franchise, describes a typical working day.

7:00 I start very early. I try and get into the office at about seven and I must admit, very few of my days are the same. Today I went along to two of our biggest dealerships in the area. I appraise all of the vehicles and then discuss with the dealer which repairs need doing and which don’t.

8:00 After appraisals, I then quote for the repairs and schedule with our automated Iphone diary system which technicians will come and do the work and when they will do it.

10:00 I then come back to the offices, which is actually situated on the premises of one of our largest clients. My role has, in itself changed dramatically over the last six months or so - if you had asked me then what I did in a day, it would have been a totally different answer.

12:00 I spend a lot of time on my office computer and also on the phones making sure that my technicians all have plenty of work. Before, I used to do repairs with my van during the day and had to complete the paperwork during the evenings. However, with the rate the business was growing, this got too much.

13:00 After having lunch, I update the diary, which takes up a lot of my time, ensuring all seven technicians have enough work and are organised. This is integral to the success of Revive!, as we now have five vans operating in the area and we have just implemented an alloy wheel specialist van.

14:30 As I now work within the office, I do not have a van anymore and the staff we have here are really good. I usually ask everyone to be in the office between nine and five, but the staff are all quite good and happy to be flexible. Sometimes they also start at seven – which they get paid extra for. I think they like their job too, which is a great feeling and has a huge impact on the office environment.

17:00 Preparing invoices, banking and examining performance are office tasks, which have to be completed before leaving. My role has changed massively - undertaking a management role in order to ensure the business can grow securely. On reflection, everything has fallen into place; we had our best month ever in July, turning £40,000 + VAT and June was similar. We are, as a business, now in the place where we aimed to be and it’s great. I work until about six, which is nice as it means when I get home at night, the evenings are my own.