Accreditation gives Revive! the technical edge

Revive! Auto Innovations is a leading mobile paint repair franchise continuing to innovate and pioneer within the SMART repair field.

Revive! is the first company to open an Institute of Motor Industry (IMI) approved accreditation centre for its technical processes and its technicians are in the process of being assessed for Automotive Technician Accreditation (ATA) for cosmetic repair.

Adam Smith (pictured right, bottom) and Byron Lindsay (pictured right, top) are the latest franchise owners to take their ATA accreditation and talk about how this impacts on the business.

So, how are things going with your business?
Adam Smith: I started as a franchise owner almost three years ago and have seen continued rapid growth. This year we are looking to double our sales and get a fifth van on the road. We are on track to do that as we are currently filling a fourth van with work. I know that the economy is still difficult but we have a marketplace where people are looking for value for money and a professional SMART repair can certainly provide that.

Byron Lindsay: I have been trading for four years now and things are continuing to progress well. The Revive! brand is known within the profession as the brand you can trust for quality and professionalism and some of the initiatives from head office have really added value to what we are doing. There is so much going on at the moment that I have just placed another ad in the Job Centre.

How was the recent accreditation you undertook?
Byron Lindsay: The accreditation required in-depth learning and technical expertise even for experienced technicians – there is certainly a different pressure working under the scrutiny of an examiner!

Adam Smith: ‘Challenging’ is the one word that I would use, but you need to remember that this is taking the world of SMART repairs to a different level. This is a professional accreditation and one used by traditional bodyshops. Here we have to use techniques and the correct processes that professional repairers demand. The preparation for the ATA is good – but the timings involved for some of the tasks mean that we have a busy schedule.

How will this impact on your business?
Byron Lindsay: It is an extremely strong sign for a professional repairer and I feel it is just a matter of time before customers regularly demand to see an ATA accreditation. We know already that fleet and insurance customers need this type of accreditation as a standard. I also saw recently that a job advert for a local bodyshop asked for sprayers who are only at ATA level. There are not many SMART repairers who will or can do this, so Revive! remain streets ahead of the competition.

Adam Smith: It is clear that prestige dealerships are already choosy about who they use and with an ATA in place repairers at this level will find themselves more accepted in the marketplace. It is great really because it is a professional level for those in the sector who want to provide a professional SMART repair service.

So what does the future hold for you?
Byron Lindsay: The immediate plan is to get five vans within the next year or so. I will review at this stage – but will be looking to maximise profitability. I believe the ATA will help enormously with the growth plans as the guarantee and the technician credibility will be significant with the ATA accreditation. All my employees will go through the ATA in due course.

Adam Smith: I am keen to continue to grow the business and get up to a fifth van this year. My employees will all go through the same process and accreditation as it is important to me that all the guys have ongoing training and development. We have very few issues currently but this quality of technical training will take the confidence of both technicians and customers up another level!

Revive! has the largest number of accredited SMART paint technicians in the UK and is looking for service-driven individuals to build businesses.