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Managing Director of GreenThumb Stephen Waring says: 'The GreenThumb network uses the Vito109CDI Compact van because it is the perfect combination of size, reliability, manoeuvrability and economy. The Mercedes star also helps to convey the high quality of service GreenThumb provides to its customers. The latest van is already being used by Bournemouth-based franchisee Tom Pearson.

'People contact GreenThumb because they want their lawns to look their best with minimal effort and constraints on their time,' Stephen explains. 'GreenThumb provides its lawn treatment services all year round and is a very cost-effective solution as it prevents customers who want a healthy lawn from having to invest in expensive equipment and materials. A typical treatment would incorporate a professional application of the most advanced and effective lawn feeds available with separate weed control applications.'

GreenThumb was founded in 1986 by Stephan Waring and in 1996 became a franchise. Since then it has become a national network with over 175 franchisees.


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