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Despite the growing uncertainty of the Government’s spending cuts and the forecast of a potential double dip recession, CleanMy is proof that some industries can still flourish in the hardest of economic climates.

CleanMy has confirmed a rise in gross profit year to date against the same periods in both 2009 and 2008, something that seems quite unusual given the current economic climate.

Ben Williams, Managing Director of CleanMy, explained why he feels his company and its brand new franchise opportunity can offer good fortune in a shrinking ecomony;

"At CleanMy we provide products that are essential, not luxury and while budgets and overheads can be cut in other areas of a business - there will always be a need for Janitorial Supplies,” he said.

“The downturn also provides an opportunity to win new business. Customers are looking at making savings wherever possible and at CleanMy we offer a solution that delivers the quality service needed while providing savings on everyday consumable products. There are very few industries that can still flourish and grow in difficult economic times, thankfully our industry is one of them and a CleanMy franchise owner can experience the same benefits."


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