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Based on a system perfected over the course of 20 years in the USA, and with the assistance of professional franchise consultants FDS Northern, Voucher Packs has proven the concept in Lancashire and Yorkshire, and is looking to roll out its franchise operation nationwide.

'The Voucher Packs service is a unique business opportunity and could be your ticket to the exciting and highly profitable world of advertising,' explains Richard Wood from Voucher Packs. The company is looking for candidates with people skills; marketing and sales experience is not required.

Richard adds: 'Demand is growing exponentially as businesses small and large turn to focused, targeted advertising services and away from over-saturated media.' He refers to the challenge faced by every business; generating a response from the consumer through saturated media such as television, radio, the internet and magazines. 'Direct mail has always been the most responsive media with 75 per cent of consumers responding to at least one direct mail advert every year,' Richard adds. 'Voucher Packs increases these already impressive odds with a winning formula. In fact Voucher Packs advertisers report exceptionally high redemptions, notably KFC, Frankie & Benny's, ChipsAway and many other localised businesses.

'We provide clear-plastic wrapped packages of redeemable vouchers, each representing an exciting offer. A Voucher Pack campaign is a reliable, measurable, low-cost, high-performance tool for attracting customers. UK businesses spend £2.5 billion on direct mail annually, and that sum is increasing every year.'


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