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It was with one of the UK’s leading domiciliary care franchises, Prestige Nursing, that Carol Stafford was able to take control of her life and become her own boss.

Following a highly successful career in medical device sales, both in the UK and previously in her native South Africa, Stafford was looking to change direction after being made redundant in 2008. Stafford decided she wanted to take on a new challenge and has always been attracted to the idea of franchising.

“I have a lot of experience in sales and was looking to move into an industry that allowed me to exploit these talents while offering the potential for significant earnings.”

Having already decided that franchising was a perfect way of helping her realise these ambitions, she researched multiple franchises to find one that suited her skills and ambition.

“I was looking for a management franchise, and eventually settled on the care sector as it offered excellent long term prospects given the UK’s demographic profile and the growing need for care at home. I hadn’t realised though quite how many companies offered franchises in the domiciliary and healthcare sectors and the choice was quite bewildering.”

Stafford came very close to signing up with a domiciliary care franchise, but just before she did, she heard about Prestige Nursing and decided to see what they could offer.

“Their honesty, drive and professionalism made a real impact on me, as did their experience of running both company-owned and franchised branches.”

Unlike many domiciliary care franchises, Prestige Nursing offers the complimentary area recruitment as an additional income stream for all franchise owners.

Jonathan Bruce, Prestige Nursing Managing Director, explains why this is so important.“Domiciliary care is undoubtedly an area that offers significant opportunities and with our experience in this area we feel very confident that we can offer franchise owners a full range of distinctive services to take advantage of them. However, it does take time to develop this type of business, which is why offering healthcare recruitment cannot only allow franchise owners to generate income more quickly, but also give them an even wider range of services to offer their clients and spreads the risk accordingly.”

Stafford added: “To be honest this was one of the main reasons why I chose Prestige Nursing, along with the fact that they offer a comprehensive back office support function as part of the ongoing management fee. This has saved me an immense amount of time and allowed me the freedom to grow my business quickly and effectively. I’ve joined an established network of company-owned and franchised branches across the UK that has a real reputation for excellence, and this fills me with confidence as well.”


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