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Berkley Brewer offers a personal tailor service, which involves the franchisee visiting the customer in the privacy of their home or workplace, measuring them and discussing cut and fabric. The service is designed to free up more time for today's modern man. Prospective franchisees are not required to have a background in tailoring or the fashion industry as full ongoing training and support will be provided.

Founder of Berkley Brewer Jason Gardiner says: 'The idea for Berkley Brewer is based around a love of suits, the desire to provide a personalised service and the drive to develop a business that's scaleable and profitable for everyone involved. 83 per cent of men hate shopping but 50 per cent like to be well dressed. Berkley Brewer takes the pain out of the shopping experience by bringing quality tailoring to the client.

'When I came up with the Berkley Brewer concept, it was more of an epiphany than a well thought out plan. The work to develop the concept began after the Eureka moment and has been more than a year in the development.

'The franchisees make the visits and can show customers literally hundreds of swatches of different fabrics that the suits shirts and overcoats can be made from - as a well as a range of ties and shoes. The shirts ties and shoes provide a great additional service for the clients while also significantly boosting the franchisee's bottom line.

'Once franchisees are up and running they should be able to earn comfortably a profit in the region of £40,000 to £50,000 per annum. It really depends on how hard they want to work. The great thing is that, once they build a client base they'll build exclusive relationships that mean their services get used time and again. Also, once the first measurements have been made, if the suit fits the client perfectly and there are no major changes to the client's body shape (something the client will need to mention), there will be no need for the franchisee to revisit to fulfill further orders. This means they can get on with developing and growing their territory while continuing to serve their existing customers.'


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