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Territory mapping supremo, Atlas Mapping, has recently released its findings on the wealthiest areas of the UK – unsurprisingly London and the surrounding areas proved to be the most affluent, with large barren spots in Wales, East Anglia and areas of Scotland. The distribution of wealth in the UK is a hot topic, and rightly so – Atlas Mappings intriguing results find that London residents have an average disposable income 36 per cent above the national UK average.

There are of course areas in the North too that have enviable amounts of disposable income. In the North-East, the areas of South-Hexham and Corbridge – ex-Manchsester United footballer Steve Bruce’s hometown – have an average level of disposable income 60 per cent above the national average. In the Northwest, Cheshire is the wealthiest area, Wilmslow in particular holding high levels of disposable income, thanks in no small part, no doubt, to its large percentage of Premier League footballer residents.

Moving down the country to the South West, the upper side of Cardiff stands out in particular, with cultural hotspot Bath registering notable disposable income figures too. In Scotland, Aberdeen, 400 miles north of London, holds some of the wealthiest areas in Scotland but it is the small town of Thorntonhall, on the outskirts of Glasgow, that has the highest level of disposable income north of the border – again there is an abundance of footballers and comedians there too. Looking towards the least affluent areas of the country, it appears East Anglia, Large parts of Wales and Scotland and large areas of Cornwall have the least disposable income per capita – but of course, it’s all relative.


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