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Mobility retailer Ableworld, which was founded in 2000, is searching for franchise owners to begin its UK business expansion. Ableworld's strategic five year plan is to carefully build its franchise network along-side opening additional company-owned stores.

Ableworld's Franchise Director, Paul Boniface, said: "It is well known that the mobility sector is one area which is destined to grow enormously over the next few years. Demographically, economically and politically it is the perfect time to accelerate our growth."Ableworld is one of the North West's leading mobility and homecare retailers with a dozen stores and thriving business.

"Building the brand was our first priority and we have invested heavily in making sure that we meet our goal, which is to help improve the quality of our customers' lives by providing excellent mobility products and services at value-for-money prices," said Boniface.

Managing Director and founder of Ableworld, Mike Williams, is feeling positive about the future developments of the retail franchise. "In my experience, as the market expands, we will see a move towards some form of consolidation with a few strong players," he said. "Ableworld has positioned itself well

to capitalise on that movement and we are now seeking like-minded people to join us as franchise partners."


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