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The move comes as the company sees record numbers of enquiries for its unique business coaching services which are designed to help small business owners & proprietors tackle the practical challenges they face on a daily basis, yet find difficult to get help with. These include how to work less hours, how to achieve a better income, how to recruit staff & delegate, and even how to take a proper holiday.

With around 500,000 small & sized businesses in London, ActionCOACH believes that this massive potential customer base offers exciting prospects for business coaching. As such the company is looking to significantly boost the number of business coaches covering the area starting with the recruitment of two new Master Licencees.

According to Dan Farquhar, Marketing Executive of ActionCOACH in the UK: 'Business coaching is an appealing option for many people looking to start a franchise. Indeed, unlike other many franchises, it has relatively low overheads and can be operated from home. It also offers high earning potential and an unprecedented level of flexibility.Furthermore, it enables franchisees to channel their existing expertise, experience and motivation to help business owners grow their businesses and achieve their goals.'

'Even though we have only been in the UK for some four years, literally thousands of business owners have already experienced the benefits of business coaching and are enjoying less working hours, more holidays and greater income.'

Globally, ActionCOACH has around 950 business coaches in 23 countries and over 150 in the UK alone. One of the company's main strengths is the unprecedented level of training & support it provides to its franchisees.

Following an initial 10 day intensive training programme at ActionCOACH's US headquarters, coaches receive weekly briefings & consultancy sessions with fellow coaches and can refer to a wealth of specialist training aids & materials. ActionCOACH also operates a massive international Intranet which enables coaches to call upon the combined experience of the company's worldwide coaching team when faced with a particular challenge or issue.


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