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Franchise Development Services Associate, alphaTALK, has launched a new Call Diversion Service. The new offering allows customers to connect on an 0844 number to a mobile without having to pay expensive diversion charges. Customers have been demanding such a service for many years.

alphaTALK’s Sales Director, Zafar Majid, said: “Our reply has always been the same. We are sorry if you need any 08XX number connected to a mobile then you will have to pay up to 13p per minute diversion charges.

“Most customers were disgusted by such high costs. alphaTALK has truly launched a unique offering to all existing and potential customers. The caller dialling the 0844 number will pay a maximum of 5p per minute from a standard landline. The number holder pays absolutely no call charges for receiving the call on their mobile.

“This will allow business owners to truly give out one number now at all times, without the fear of a high bill.”


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