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'The company is delighted with the response it has received from advertisers in London,' says G&D spokesman Don Graham. 'Our initial research told us that this concept had great potential in London to capture advertising revenue from a large and highly diverse business base. Small businesses have been very quick to recognise the opportunity to offer their local services to a highly receptive and 'ready to spend' decision making audience.

'In addition, much bigger companies in London who make up a high proportion of our prospect base are now jumping on board. These include brands such as John Lewis, Garfunkel's, Stringfellows and Grosvenor Casinos, to name a few.''It became evident to us at an early stage that our larger advertisers needed to know how many 'eyes' actually chose to look at their advertisements. We asked AMI to incorporate a counter that recorded each time an advertisement was directly accessed and selected individually, by a hotel guest, via the touch screen. The 'hits' information has identified the amazingly high level of use the kiosk receives - considerably greater than our expectations.'

'The 'hits' data makes it very easy for us to substantiate the value of our offer, to both existing and new advertisers. In addition, we have built up extremely positive relationships with all the hotel's management and concierge teams, who see the AMI Kiosk as a very valuable asset in their hotels. This is evidenced by G&D (UK) Ltd receiving prospect leads directly from the concierge teams - these guys are proving to be our best salespeople.'

Following their latest successful launch, G&D (UK) Ltd is currently planning to accelerate their activity in London. 'We are working extremely closely with the team in Manchester to add further hotels to our portfolio as quickly as possible,''added Don.

As part of G&D (UK) Ltd commitment to AMI, they will extensively support new and existing franchisees to ensure they get up to speed quickly; 'from our experience in London and from what we have seen AMI achieve with other franchisees, predominately in the North, we believe that there is enormous opportunity for additional AMI franchisees in the numerous towns and cities across the south of the country.'


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