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A qualified forensic scientist and online entrepreneur has recently joined Assist With Solutions as its latest franchise owner.

Garry Young has recently completed his training at the Assist With Solutions head office and is preparing to launch his business support franchise. Andy MacDonald, Chief Executive Officer at Assist With Solutions, said: “We are extremely pleased and proud to welcome exceptional talent and experience such that Garry possesses to our growing team.

“Garry’s ability to analyse in minute detail, when accompanied by the unique Assist With Solutions total support platform, will have an enormous positive impact on his clients businesses in the future. We look forward to working with him and assisting him and in achieving the goals that he outlined on joining us. As you would expect from someone from a forensic science background, Garry conducted an extremely detailed appraisal of the Assist With Solution franchise opportunity during his due diligence process.

“His commitment further reinforces what an exceptional opportunity Assist With Solutions is for those who seek to use their qualifications and skills to help others succeed.”

Young added: “Coming from a scientific background, I took a very analytical approach to my franchise discovery journey. It took a while, but when I came upon Assist With Solutions, I was quickly able to identify a very strong synergy between us. They had gone about implementation in just the manner that I would have done, using an analytical, no stone left unturned approach, building systems, brick by brick upon firm foundations. The training was just the right balance of intensity and informality, being both structured and informative. These are knowledgeable, no pretence, helpful, can do people.

“I have been very satisfied by the level of support that I have received, almost instantly from meeting with them. I have found them to be trustworthy, sincere and genuine people, if they say they will do something then it is as good as done. These guys would never leave you floundering on your own. I believe that Assist With Solutions represents a great opportunity within a growing market place that truly is independent of prevailing economic conditions, enhanced due to nobody else offering this one stop shop approach to business solutions. This allows an opportunity to earn from multiple revenue streams, as well as having access to a core innovative product that promises a good residual income. Due to the nature of the business it comes with its own in built coaching and goal setting mechanisms.”


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