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One of Europe’s most prominent franchise exhibitions KEM International Franchise Exhibition 2011 is set to promote and strengthen Arab-Hellenic business relations. The event is due to take place at the Helexpo Palace in Athens on the 25-28 February 2011 and will be supported by the Arab-Hellenic Chamber.

The Arab-Hellenic collaboration aims to bring together the business communities from both sides with the focus of promoting Greek companies in Arab countries and vice versa.

This year will be the 13th KEM International Franchise Exhibition, which aims to act as a meeting point of the world’s franchise market, presenting to thousands of visitors everything new that the international and the domestic franchise market has to show. The large turnout of qualified visitors offers the opportunity to exhibitors and visitors to come together and reach mutually profitable agreements.

Over the past 12 years the KEM International Franchise Exhibition has enabled more than 500 companies have participated and have successfully developed their networks through Greece. The efficiency of the exhibition has strongly contributed to the growth of the franchise industry in Greece.


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