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When many bars and restaurants are closing down due to the difficult economic climate, the money Auditel has saved for Patrick’s Restaurant and Bar has helped it to recently celebrate its fourth year of operating.

Patrick Michael, the owner and Manager of Patrick’s Restaurant and Bar, had already re-negotiated the energy supplies in order to keep the operation as streamlined as possible through the recession. However, this hands-on approach meant dealing directly with suppliers and daily phone calls from agents and brokers promising to save him money on his overheads.

In early 2010, he bumped into an old friend and golfing buddy, Auditel Consultant Andy Horn. Michael quickly realised that Auditel’s contingency fee proposition meant he had nothing to lose by engaging him as an outsourced cost and purchase management specialist, as if no savings were found, there would be nothing to pay. In the meantime, Horn would be fielding these calls, leaving Michael free to focus on the core challenges of running his business.

Initially, Horn analysed the gas, electricity, water, linen and beer line cleaning costs, which provided significant savings. “I thought I had our gas and electricity costs pretty well nailed down,” said Michael. “I didn’t expect Andy to find any savings in these areas, let alone 18 per cent and 20 per cent reductions. He’s also brought our water costs down by 48 per cent, our linen costs down by 19 per cent and our beer line cleaning costs down by 50 per cent, which is fantastic.

“In the current climate, every cost saving is significant so I’m very happy with these figures.”

Michael was able to use these savings for important investments in the restaurant, including a new 50” TV to show sports on and a new outside dining area that provides space for anther 16 diners. The next phase of Horn’s project will be to review the restaurant’s communications and its return to sewer costs. He will also carry out an energy usage audit to look for ways in which energy can be used more efficiently.

Michael added: “The savings Andy’s found so far have already made a real difference to our operations. They have enabled us to make important investments that will help us maintain our position in the local market and continue to buck the trend for businesses in our industry. Knowing that Andy will be managing our overheads going forward and helping us to spend our money and use our resources more efficiently gives me even more confidence in our ability to ride the recession out successfully.”


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