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Auditel advises businesses to find the right mobile phone tariff

After Ofcom recently stated that £4.8 billion is wasted every year by customers being on the wrong tariff, Auditel believes that finding the right mobile phone tariff is important for businesses.

Auditel states that in this complex marketplace with a huge array of suppliers, tariffs, add-ons and equipment, it is clear that businesses find it extremely difficult to discover the most effective cost solutions. Laurence Knott, Head of Marketing at Auditel, said: “These days, we find that many of those responsible for purchasing decisions are turning to outsourced independent cost management networks like Auditel to help them. Mobiles are one of those areas where we are working with all of the industry’s major players.”

An industry insider added: “With too many suppliers chasing connection targets and maximum profit margins, many customers are offered inadequate tariffs and unbalanced solutions. Once signed up, they receive a ‘not my problem anymore’ attitude when seeking customer service. The expected market price that the customers’ usage and spend should reflect is rarely achieved. A mixture of under-pressure and inexperienced purchasers, technophobes, and a ‘better the devil you know’ attitude to an incumbent supplier can often lead to an inefficient solution being provided.”

A computerised bill review service is offered to assist Auditel franchise owners in finding savings. By feeding itemised bill information into their system, consultants can analyse all mobile phone usage and have it specify what savings can be made, and where. This analysis will break down call destinations and call time periods and will allow consultants to tender to all UK networks to identify the most appropriate solution for their clients. Auditel has access to the full range of suppliers to identify the best commercial proposition and best service.


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