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Founded in 1994, Auditel began franchising in 1997 and became a full member of the British Franchise Association in 1998. 'When Auditel UK was first established, following the deregulation of the utilities markets in 1994, businesses suddenly had a lot of difficult choices to make in a complex marketplace when deciding which utilities suppliers to use,' says Chris Allison Auditel owner and Managing Director. 'Auditel was established to provide businesses with the expertise they need to make effective and informed procurement decisions.

'Our success is based on a straightforward fact; cost and purchase management takes time and specialist expertise, both commodities that are in short supply for many organisations. Auditel have revolutionised the profession of managing essential business expenditures. With an untapped market of over 400,000 potential clients and with rising business costs, there is an increasing need for the service we provide.'


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