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Auditel finds new way for businesses to save money

Auditel, a cost and purchase management consultancy franchise, has added LED lamps as another opportunity for its clients to save money.

According to Audiel the quality and performance of LED replacement lamps has come a long way in the last few years. The company believes that with its improved light quality and low energy bills installing LED lamps in place of existing halogen or incandescent bulbs with benefit businesses.

In the face of ever-increasing energy costs, companies are searching for ways to save energy. Increasing insulation, upgrading boilers and self-generating power can be expensive and disruptive to the business, often with a slow return on investment.

Auditel states that changes are already being made on large-scale public infrastructures. In London, thousands of low-power LED lights are set to be installed along Tower Bridge. It is hoped that by replacing the current high-powered fluorescent lights, energy consumption will be reduced by 40 per cent. The London Eye was among the first of the capital’s green landmarks to go green when a new LED lighting system was introduced as part of its 2009 refurbishment. The change saves 69 per cent more energy than the previous version.

LED lamps are more expensive to buy than traditional lamps but they use 80 per cent less power and last more than 10 times as long. This leads to a typical return on investment for a business investing in LED lamps of under two years, which is a persuasive proposition. Not only that, LED lamps will continue to save cost and energy for many years after the investment has been returned.

In addition to the savings made on energy usage, companies can save money on their maintenance costs. Lighting can often be installed in high and difficult to reach locations, accessible only by ladder or cherry picker. Replacing traditional light bulbs that last for only a year or so can be costly, disruptive and time consuming. A typical incandescent or halogen will last for around a year (if on for 12 hours a day), whereas changing to an LED lamp which will last for around 10 years, reduces maintenance costs by a factor of 10.


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