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Auditel franchise owner sees steady growth during first year of trading

Auditel franchise owner Stephen Sowerby has created an established client base after just only a year of trading.

Sowerby was previously employed as an Assistant Manager at KPMG’s Risk Advisory Department where he qualified as a chartered accountant until he decided to start his own business last year. Sowerby said: “I had always wanted to have my own business. I eventually considered franchising and found Auditel cost and purchase management franchise through the British Franchise Association (bfa). I chose Auditel because it presented me with the opportunity of starting up on my own, while having the support of a proven format that has survived for over 18 years. I could apply the skills in which I am experienced and qualified and still be free to run my own business.”

Before launching his business in March last year, Sowerby received full training and support from Auditel head office. He said: “Head office also provide support on commercial matters and on many occasions the Directors at Auditel have given up their time to help me create some of the more complex business relationships that I have come across.”

A year on from the launch of his franchise Sowerby’s business is proving to be very successful. “I now have quite an established client base where relationships are maturing and initial projects have been completed. Being highly recommended by one client to another is a great compliment; these referrals are also helping to grow my business at an encouraging rate.

“Recently, I saved a commercial property leasing company 62 per cent on the fixed charges by simultaneously agreeing 22 energy contracts on their properties. I also reduced between 30 per cent and 50 per cent across four projects on the core overheads for a chartered accountancy practice.

“I will continue to grow my client base and start delivering projects in new areas in which I am gradually gaining experience. When I judge that the time is right, I will look to hire employees to assist with the analysis work. I can then concentrate on developing the business to generate the maximum revenue. This past year has been successful and most enjoyable. It’s a great thrill to run your own venture and be in control of your destiny. I am already ahead of my first year’s business plan.”


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