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Auditel franchisees renew their agreements for a further five years

They tend to do so, after five, 10 and even 15 years, due to consistently achieving their financial goals and the quality of life they want for themselves and their families.

Among the latest group to renew are Lee Freeman and Jonathan Moffitt.

Hertfordshire-based Lee Freeman joined Auditel in March 2010. He had qualified as a chartered accountant with Grant Thornton in 1992 and stayed for a further six years. Later on, he held an Financial Director role for an investment group in Luxembourg, returning to England just as the recession was beginning.

Freeman recalls: “Back in the UK, I looked at both franchising and buying an existing business. I concluded that franchising gave the benefit of running my own business while having the support of a network. I came across Auditel at an exhibition and had a long chat. At a Discovery Day and subsequent meetings, I liked what I heard. I decided that Auditel ticked all the boxes and that this was the way forward.”

His initial impressions were well-founded. He says: “The training received from Auditel was first rate, from the client acquisition training through to the technical side. Ongoing support is always available from their Head Office Support Team and fellow franchisees. Auditel’s systems proved invaluable in starting a business from scratch. They allowed me to concentrate on finding clients, secure in the knowledge that I could meet their needs.”

Freeman’s training as an accountant and his broad industry experience enables him to advise in all circumstances. Since joining Auditel, he has provided cost management solutions for a number of different industries. As the business has expanded, Lee has recruited a Business Development Manager

Freeman's reveals: “I have saved my clients thousands of pounds by undertaking a detailed review of their expenditure. This has involved projects in areas as diverse as mobile communications, office supplies, energy and travel, and for clients ranging in size from £1m to £1bn.

He says: “I see myself in this for the long term. In fact, I have just renewed my agreement for another five years. I shall probably renew again in 2020, before winding down to retirement and hopefully handing the business over to a family member!”

Cheltenham-based Jonathan Moffitt became an Auditel franchisee in January 2004. Before joining Auditel, he had been a Staff Engineer for Motorola for more than 13 years. Moffitt said: “My analytical and technical background provides a strong knowledge base for all areas of cost management. This has enabled me to deliver considerable savings and rebates on electricity, gas, water and communications for a range of clients from many different industries.” Jonathan won the ‘Thinking Out of the Box’ Award in 2008.

One of his largest clients is the Mears Group. This is a unique organisation, employing more than 10,000 people in over 80 offices, maintaining and improving homes as well as caring for the residents. Over the past six years, Moffitt has achieved savings and rebates of over £500,000 on their utility bills.

In 2011, as the business continued to go from strength to strength, he recruited a permanent member of staff to be an analyst who was trained by Auditel at no extra cost. Moffitt now has a full-time analyst and a part-time marketer researcher. Also, he has partnered with an Auditel colleague for new business

This month, Moffitt has renewed his franchise agreement for a second time, taking him to 2020 and 15 years as a franchisee. He says: “I renewed again because my business is doing very well and I am extremely happy with the support of the Auditel head office. Also, I wanted to provide longer term security for my employees.“

Matt Sidwell, Auditel’s Director of Network Development, adds: “For management professionals like Lee and Jonathan, franchising with Auditel has certainly paid dividends. If you are seeking a career change and would like to find out more about our opportunity, come to one of our free Discovery Seminars. We shall be happy to meet you!”


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