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Two new Auditel franchise owners have found that the training provided by the franchise has been vital to the success of their businesses.

Commenting on the training she received, Jane Campbell (pictured), who join Auditel in March after a career in the banking sector and as a Financial Director for a telecommunications company, said: “I wanted guidance, clarity and confidence and I feel that all objectives have been met. Clarity of what I need to do for the next five weeks. Guidance on how to deliver my key tasks. Confidence through education to do it.

“My background has given me first hand insight into the pressures which Senior Managers and staff face in driving down costs while ensuring that quality and standards are maintained. As an Auditel consultant I am building on this experience further and working closely with my clients to develop long-standing business relationships. This results in creative strategies to improve efficiency and reduce financial waste. This approach can be applied to businesses and organisations across many sectors, including Haulage, Motor, Hotel and other service industries.”

Gordon Beard, who formerly worked as a Head of Investment for a Mutual Assurance Society, has also recently joined the Auditel franchise network. Beard was looking for a white-collar business franchise opportunity and selected Auditel as his best option. He too was inspired by the training, Beard said: “It fulfilled my expectations and has delivered the steps and procedures needed to acquire clients. I achieved my objectives of understanding and practicing how to market and network successfully. Above all, the course has increased my level of confidence in being able to launch my own business successfully.”

Edward Brewer, Auditel’s Franchise Development Director, said: “Our franchise owners come from many different professions. Our training is tailored to each individual, acknowledging their talents and strengthening areas where there has been less experience. Running your own professional consultancy business and becoming a valued adviser to your clients can be very fulfilling. At the same time, you can enjoy the company of over 200 like minded colleagues.”


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