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At the beginning of last year Auditel's General Manager Laura Harvey-Smith formed initiative and those who volunteered were set a target of signing £1 million of expenditure of business costs by the end of the year.

There initiative has produced monthly teleconferences where members share ideas, experiences and statistics to help and support each other achieving the end goal. Many achieved their targets and two actually exceeded the magic number.

Buckingham-based Gill Gibbon who joined the network in 2003 signed up £1.8 million. Gill reveals: 'I worked with a mammoth number of 50 clients in mixed activities including a charity, housing associations, manufacturers and a service provider. The average savings across the board were in excess of 20 per cent.'

Suffolk-based Daryn Dodge, who joined in 2001, achieved almost £1.1 million. Daryn enthuses: 'I worked with a whole range of organisations as well. Finance houses, solicitors, couriers, business advisors, charities, leisure centres, retailers and even a holiday park. We covered a huge range of services not only our key sectors of communications, energy and waste management but a further dozen or so of facilities management expenses - last but not least, even the choice of uniforms for the courier company.' Daryn too reports remarkable savings for his clients including up to 58 per cent for one client on electricity, 30 per cent on fixed lines and 25 per cent on mobiles.


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