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Auditel's Managing Director Chris Allison says: 'A tightening in the economy is tough for many, with impact varying industry by industry, but for us it offers a wealth of opportunity. Businesses waste billions of pounds every year overspending on their services procurement. With the credit crunch and world economic downturn, they are beginning to wake up to the fact that they can no longer afford this luxury.'

General Manager Edward Brewer has recently overseen the recruitment and training of Auditel's six new franchisees. He comments: 'Their wide range of backgrounds prove the growing attraction to our business format from many different professions and skills. For example, Adrian Kay ran his own Bournemouth estate agency for many years. He considered that the recruitment process was open and transparent and the head office team answered his questions readily and thoroughly. Adrian told me that at no time did he feel he was being 'sold' to, but merely invited to start a new chapter in his life. He also said that the training considerably exceeded his expectations. Entering a totally new profession is a daunting prospect, but he says he was given the tools to ensure that his career with Auditel got off to a flying start. I was delighted to hear his final thought when he said, 'I am left in no doubt that this is the best commercial decision I have ever made'.'


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