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The American based chain recently opened stores in Thailand, where it has 114 locations, as well as Turkey, Brunei, India, Vietnam and the Bahamas.

The pretzel maker has a total of 400 international locations and 1,450 overall.

Brazil, Chile, South Africa, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and China have already been targeted as countries to expand into while continued expansion in Israel, Indonesia and Guatamala and other countries where they already have a presence.

Mike Shattuck president of Auntie Anne’s parent Focus Brands International said: “The response in Brunei has been unbelievable and overwhelming. Customers start lining up at least 30 minutes before the store opens,”

“Most are familiar with the Auntie Anne’s brand and have tried it in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Thailand. We’re looking forward to strengthening our presence in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East by leveraging our tremendous franchise partners and universally-appealing, freshly-baked pretzels,” continued Shattuck.


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