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valeting franchise Autosheen has introduced a series of new products designed to add extra value to the core service offering of its franchise owners' businesses. The new innovations are a Graffiti and Tag Remover, an enzyme-based odour eliminator, a germicidal steriliser and a superbug protection product called Antibak.

The graffiti and tag removal product has been introduced following an emergency call received from Royal Mail, one of Autosheen's major National Account customers. According to Franchise Manager Tim Harris a Royal Mail Transport Manager called franchise owner Nic James for advice on cleaning graffiti from several trailers urgently needed for mail deliveries. 'Nic was able to provide more than advice,' Tim reports. 'Working with the Technical Support team at head office he was able to come up with an effective solution to remove the graffiti, which delighted his customer and is now available to the entire UK franchise network. The new Autosheen Graffiti and Tag Remover has been eagerly welcomed by customers and establishes a superb new income stream for Autosheen franchise owners.'

Autosheen's odour eliminator and germicidal steriliser have been developed in response to widespread concern about superbugs. The products are aimed at National Account customers such as local police forces who require intensive cleaning services over and above the standard valet. Tim Harris reports that both are already proving very popular, not only for use in cleaning vehicle interiors, but also for deep cleaning and disinfecting depots and other situations where spillage has caused unpleasant odour or risk of infection. 'Inevitably certain things get spilled in vehicles, which can sometimes cause a lingering, unpleasant smell,' Tim explains. 'Autosheen has an enzyme based eliminator which actually removes bacteria, addressing the cause of the odour rather than simply masking it and adding to the problem with strong artificial scents, as some poorer quality products do. Our product is equally effective with tobacco smoke, food smells, pet odour and even human waste.'

Antibak has been introduced for internal valets, particularly for child seats, to provide protection from superbugs increasingly such as MRSA, E.coli and C.Difficile. 'Part of the reason that we are able to attract blue chip companies as National Account customers is that Autosheen is able to provide a broad-based, flexible service and we continually think outside the box, introducing new products and services for the long term benefit of both customers and franchise owners,' says Tim Harris.


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