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As part of his pledge to raise money for the Help for Heroes, Autosheen Managing Director Paul Fennell is taking part in a Three Tarn Challenge.

Fennell, who has already raised over £1,200 for the charity, is taking part in the Challenge with his fellow ‘trekker’ Martin Hurst, which will involved them kayak fishing in the highest fishable waters in England, Wales and Scotland. Fennell and Hurst have already completed the Welsh and Scottish leg of their Challenge, however the English Red Tarn leg was cancelled due to hurricane winds and will have to be completed later this year.

Fennell said: “We really wanted this to be a challenge worthy of every donation, and it certainly was. Winds in the night reached up to 60mph and our tents struggled to cope.

“As I am ex-Army, I enjoy such endurance challenges and also have a particular affinity to the Help for Heroes charity.

“It was a fantastic experience, despite the wind and rain, and for a very worthy cause. The mountain Pike caught at Loch Callater were a real bonus. Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far.

“Just to make it really challenging we increased the number of tarns visited from one to three. To make it a true GB challenge we tackled a tarn in Wales (Snowdonia), Mellyn Llyn at over 2,100ft; England (Lake District), and will take on the Red Tarn (Hellvelyn) at 2,330ft; and Scotland, Loch Callater in the Grampians.

“The Red Tarn stage will now take place in early summer and will break our own record of 2,100ft set by our Welsh leg. The ascent is expected to take a full day. For perspective the event is the equivalent of towing a kayak from the sea to the top of Ben Nevis over rocks and through mud. Not to mention the 50lb pack of camping equipment.”


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