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Within five years of launching its franchise opportunity, Baby Sensory has not only grown to 100 franchise locations in the UK but has also expanded into 15 countries.

Baby Sensory provides development classes for parents of babies aged from newborn up to 13 months and incorporates the latest research in baby development.

Countries the company has expanded into include the US, China, Canada, Italy, Australia and Spain. Dr Lin Day, founder of Baby Sensory, said: “There are many things that have contributed to our success. When we first launched, our programme was the only one out there designed specifically for babies from birth. This coupled with the fact it incorporated a wide range of exciting activities to stimulate babies and entertain the parents through different themed lesson plans each week, made our programme a must do activity for parents with newborns.”

Baby Sensory plans to be the world’s leading provider of pre-school development programmes. The company states that these programmes will be developed by experts, delivered by committed professionals and maintained in line with the latest research and development. In 2010, the company launched its follow on programme Toddler Sense for children from one to three years old in the UK. Since the launch in January 2010, it already has 20 franchise owners either running or in the process of starting their Toddler Sense businesses in the UK.

Star Peng, who has launched Baby Sensory in China, said: “The parents love coming to a programme that was developed in the UK. The Baby Sensory team are always willing and able to support me. I am excited that within the next few months we will have classes running in Shanghai and Qingdao, as well as Beijing where the programme was first launched. I am confident that Baby Sensory will become an established brand throughout China in the near future.”

Ian Sharland, Baby Sensory Director, said: “We are often asked about how we maintain our growth in the current economic climate. The key to our success is continued investment in excellent programmes, recruitment and development of talented franchise owners and making sure that everyone in our business is focused on delighting our customers.”


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