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Bavarian Beerhouse, a Bavarian themed restaurant and bar, is set to expand nationwide through franchising. Inspired by Munich's beerhouse, the Hofbrauhaus, the Bavarian Beerhouse brings the atmosphere of an Bavarian restaurant to the UK. The menu features authentic Bavarian food, e.g. schnitzel (pork escalope), Munich pork roast and of course sausages and sauerkraut. All staff are German, and the waitresses wear Bavarian-style dresses ('dirndls') and serve German beers in one-litre glasses, so-called Steins. DJs and Oompah bands perform on a regular basis, and the events calendar features a German Beer Day, Carnival, the Oktoberfest and much more.

Established in 2005, Bavarian Beerhouse Ltd first Restaurant/Bar on City Road (London Islington) has made a profit from year one. The number of guests has risen continuously, as has turnover. Following three years of successful operations in central London its owners, René and Sabine von Reth, have proven that the combination of Bavarian food, drink and entertainment is a winning formula.

Sabine von Reth, who founded the Bavarian Beerhouse with her husband René, said: 'After three years of trading we're proud of our success and ready for expansion. The turnover and sales figures are speaking for themselves. The idea of bringing traditional Bavarian food, drink and entertainment to places such as Manchester, Dublin, Birmingham or elsewhere is very exciting for us. We would like to hear from enterprising pub landlords who are keen to try out a new business model.'

Nikki Birches, Franchise Manager of Bavarian Beerhouse Ltd, said: 'The current situation is perfect for entering the franchise business. The global financial crisis means many pubs and restaurants are having a hard time. However, the Bavarian 'Oktoberfest' concept is doing extremely well in London, and what works in the capital is bound to work in the regions.'


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