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New BCR Associates franchise owner Sally Cattle (pictured) has just launched her business after being impressed with the franchise’s ‘try before you buy’ trial.

Cattle came from a background in the retail industry, holding a variety of roles ranging from buyer through to senior category manager, however after 20 years in the sector and facing redundancy she set up her own management consultancy business.

Despite the success of her business, Cattle began looking for a new business challenge and wanted an opportunity that she could run alongside her existing business.

Cattle had always had an interest in the cost reduction industry and felt that it was the perfect opportunity for her. While looking at franchises in the industry she came across BCR Associates and was impressed with what she saw.

Cattle said: “I was immediately attracted to the clear ‘fee free’ USP that BCR Associates offered, which clearly distinguishes it from the other players in the market. The fact that 100 per cent of savings are passed onto clients means that the approach to prospects is a much softer sell and one that sat very comfortably with me. Upon meeting the various personalities at BCR Associates, I not only felt 100 per cent at ease with the people I would be working with, I was also encouraged by the structure and support systems that have been specifically put in place to assist franchisees in developing their businesses.”

After taking up the opportunity of joining a BCR Associates Discovery Day in London, Cattle was even more impressed with the franchise offering. Cattle also took the company up on its ‘try before you buy’ offer, that enables potential franchise owners to test the business before committing to the franchise.

During the ‘try before you buy’ trial Cattle approached a friend who has an office furniture manufacturing business and she demonstrated BCR Associates’ ability to save 20 per cent on the company’s gas bills. As a result of this success, Cattle’s delighted friend passed on her details to 18 further business contacts.

Wanting to further road test the BCR Associates offering, Cattle went on to contact an Academy school in her area, which was at the time sourcing its energy supplier through the local council buying group – a scenario the school was keen to address to deliver enhanced independence. BCR Associates’ specialist procurement team at head office successfully helped resource their energy to a more appropriate contract. On the back of this exercise the Academy has recently requested that BCR Associates also handles its telecoms buying. At this point, the long-term benefits of setting up as a franchise owner and the ability to secure a sustained comfortable living out of the business became even more apparent.

As part of her due diligence, Cattle spoke to five existing BCR Associates franchise owners. All the franchise owners she spoke to reported a positive experience and their passion and enthusiasm for their individual businesses proved the ultimate deciding factor.

Having considered all the evidence Cattle concluded that joining BCR Associates was the right path to take and she started her training in July 2012. Having recently launched her franchise, Cattle is concentrating on the contacts she made during her ‘try before you buy’ trial. In addition to this, Cattle will be looking to build relationships with credible opinion formers such as financial advisors and accountants, whose recommendations for BCR Associates’ services can deliver a meaningful source of new business.


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