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To help prospective franchise owners in choosing the right franchise opportunity for them, BCR Associates has developed a ‘try before you buy’ scheme.

The scheme has been developed so that those interested in buying a BCR Associates franchise can make an informed choice before committing themselves by investing in a franchise.

Phil Gaffer, Franchise Recruitment Manager at BCR Associates, said: “We fully appreciate the enormity of the decision pending for anyone who is considering buying a franchise and we want all of our franchise owners to be 100 per cent sure that this is unquestionably the right start-up opportunity for them. We actively encourage all our prospects to be very thorough in their due diligence and to never rush into setting up their own business. We make a point of providing access to our existing franchise owner network so that prospects can speak directly with those who have already undergone the same decision making process who are in the ideal position to speak candidly and openly about their experiences. However, taking this one step further we have also introduced a unique ‘try before you buy’ scheme enabling our franchise prospects to gain a realistic insight into the huge potential of our business prior to making a financial commitment.”

A franchise owner who can strongly vouch for the scheme is Hamilton Comely, who brought a BCR Associates franchise at the beginning of the year. Commenting on how ‘try before you buy’ helped with the decision making process he said: “As part of my due diligence, I wanted to see if everything I had been told about the product actually worked in practice. I likened this to going on a test drive in a new car or eating at the restaurant before you buy it! I had identified a business sector that I had specifically wanted to target once becoming a franchise owner and with the agreement of my boss at the time, passed on six telephone accounts to BCR Associates as a trial. The results were quite startling – a saving of 47 per cent on line rental and call charges. This was the final piece in the jigsaw as far as I was concerned and I signed up to a franchise shortly afterwards. Four months on and now operating as a franchise owner, this initial trial has flourished into transferring a further 140 lines resulting in several thousands of pounds of savings for the client. Furthermore, through that one company’s recommendations, I have now been introduced to a further four businesses where the same process (plus energy accounts) is now underway.”


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