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The Benjys Delivered 'vanchise' operation, priced at £15,000, has proved very popular with entry-level entrepreneurs. The Benjys Delivered mobile van transforms into a fully-fledged sandwich retail operation in just 30 seconds using F1 technology to deliver a large range of products to business parks and out of town offices. There are now five permanent hubs in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Portsmouth, where the vans are based.The opening of new Benjys stores across the UK has been facilitated in part by the appointment of nine Benjys Development Agents, responsible for managing and growing Benjys' retail operation by recruiting suitable franchisees and store members and identifying growth opportunities. Their impact on growth has already been realised in the first half of this year. Benjys now has 60 stores open, employing over 650 people.

Commenting on Benjys' rapid expansion, Benjys CEO Ian Rickwood says: 'We now have a strong team of franchisees and Development Agents growing the presence of the Benjys brand both within our London base, and in new areas across the UK. With new stores about to open in Derby, Newcastle, York and Manchester and five Benjys Delivered hubs, we have a significant national presence.'


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