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The first industry recognised qualification for franchise professionals has been launched by the British Franchise Association (bfa). The Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) has been designed to be a formal recognition of an individual's professional knowledge and experience in franchising. It demonstrates an understanding of the intricacies of best practice franchising as well as an investment in further and continuous development.

The qualification was created for individual's within the franchise industry that want to demonstrate their experience, understanding and ethical approach to franchising in a credible way, the QFP is built upon the ethics of the bfa and underpins the vital importance of best practice franchising.

Tom Endean, Marketing Manager of the bfa, said: "The bfa is set to raise the bar by not only promoting improved practices and standards, but encouraging franchisors and advisors in the industry to extend their learning and ultimately prove their existing good business practice via the form of an industry qualification."

Linked into the learning of established seminars and key events, the qualification will allow franchised businesses to capitalise on the existing synergy between extended learning and existing good business practice. Once qualified, the QFP status allows the franchisor to prove their industry expertise to prospective franchise owners, clients, fellow franchisors and even new and existing staff.

Tom added: "The industry will benefit hugely from this qualification, enabling individuals that have already chosen to work in an ethical manner, to demonstrate this more easily to potential clients and members of the public. With the recent tough economic climate, causing many people to think about entering into the franchise world, this qualification will give an added reassurance that the brand they are buying into, or the advice they are getting, is in line with the highest possible industry standards."


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